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Award-winning filmmaker Paul Philipp, tells and develops compelling, highly visual stories with a preference for dark, mysterious, enigmatic dramas and thrillers.


Born in the seventies in the Black Forrest / Germany, Paul spend his school years at the lake of Constance and in Adelaide / Australia. He studied media siences at the University of Hildesheim and directing at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. He did a two year social service in Beer-Sheva / Israel, worked as a creative in different advertising agencies and shot about a hundred commercials as a director.


Since his success with his mediumlength feature film debut in 2017 he is devoloping further more fiction concepts with his production- and writingpartners


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  • Lift-Off Global Network start with "The peculiar abilities of mr. Mahler" their new film showcase @ Lift-Off You Tube channel! Watch now!

  • Review: Rob Munday (Managing Editor SOTW): "...all that effort and time was certainly worth it as The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler is a short that impresses in all departments."

  • Fantasia International Film Festival | Review: J.B. Spins (Film critic): "...Frankly, Peculiar Abilities is about the tensest twenty-nine minutes of cinema you can hope to see all year."

  • | (Jury): "Paul Philipps DIE BESONDEREN FÄHIGKEITEN DES HERRN MAHLER ist ein hochspannend doppelbödiger und immer wieder überraschender Kurzthriller mit deutlichem Bezug zu einem dunklen Kapitel der DDR."

  • | Interview with Paul Philipp on "The peculiar abilities of mr. Mahler.": "...der 100-prozentige Realismus der Zeit [stand] nicht im Vordergrund, sondern eher das Gefühl, das wir heute haben, wenn wir an diese Zeit denken."

  • MUBI | Watch and stream the "The peculiar abilities of mr. Mahler." at mubi!

  • facebook | Screenings, Streamings & Festivals – be up to date at all time on "The peculiar abilities of mr. Mahler."!

  • Spotify | Just listen – to the Soundtrack of "The peculiar abilities of mr. Mahler." on Spotify!

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